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Rural house Sancho de Rota
C/ Postigo, 1

TEL. 696 047 837

  The Bardenas Reales is a barren and semidesert territory with a Maxima length of north to the south of 45 kilometers and one Maxima of this a the west of 24 kilometers. Altogether 45,000 hectares located in the west of the Shore of Navarre with the qualification of natural park and reserve of the biosphere.

    One is a vast earth extension between municipalities whose titularidad does not fall to any local being and that the Navarrese legislation defines as local organization and corporation of traditional character. The Bardena limits with the Navarrese municipalities of Carcastillo, Santacara, Mélida, Murillo of the Cuende, Caparroso, Villafranca, Cadreita, Valtierra, Arguedas, Tudela, Cabanillas, Fustiñana and Buñuel; as well as with the Aragonese municipalities of Sádaba, Tauste and Ejea de los Caballeros.

   Arguedas constitutes the front door to the Bardenas and the life of its inhabitants, through the traditional uses (hunts, firewood, pasturing, culture...) and of present (senderismo, strolls in bicycle...), has been and is united to the one of this spectacular place that surprises and empequeñece to the visitor.


   In the following connections to find but information and advice in its visit to the Bardena, asi like proposals of routes to make or on foot, or in bicycle.